Leonardo Blundo Is Wrong for Nevada

Leonardo Blundo is the wrong choice for Nevada’s Congressional District 4. He is an habitual offender of the law, not a hard worker, and has not proven he cares for Yucca Mountain.

Blundo is a multiple DUI offender. He was charged with a misdemeanor for speeding in a rural area in Clark County. Additionally, he is known for taking credit for other people’s work.

This author interviewed a co-worker of Blundo. They worked together on Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign in 2016. Blundo was paid to take volunteers to knock on doors, however, he failed to show up. He was paid to knock on 70 doors a week, and his co-worker does not believe he knocked on 70 doors throughout the campaign.

In March 2016, the Nye County District Attorney’s office filed a misdemeanor case against Blundo. At the time, the businessman was a candidate for Nye County Commission District 3.

The two-count criminal complaint was filed on March 30. There was an alleged incident involving Blundo’s Chevy Suburban. The candidate allegedly struck a Taoi Scooter that was unattended in the Pahrump Nugget parking lot on May 31 or June 1, 2015.

The complaint stated that Blundo did not stop and locate the owner of the scooter or leave a secure note in a conspicuous place that included his name and address. The second count is because Blundo also did not notify the Nye County Sheriff’s Office of the accident.

Blundo issued the following statement:

“The District Attorney’s office has accused me of damaging an unattended vehicle in a parking lot. I cannot make any specific comment at this time. I am confident I will be cleared of all charges and I hope, given the unusual timing, the District Attorney’s office will see fit to settle this matter quickly.”

In addition to the misdemeanor, a warrant for Blundo’s arrest was issued. It could not be verified if he was arrested, however, Blundo was scheduled to appear in Pahrump Justice Court for arraignment on June 6.

The complaint was filed exactly two weeks after the businessman filed to run for Nye County Commission.

Beyond the DUIs and misdemeanors, Blundo is a supporter of the Yucca Mountain Project. He wrote a letter in support of the project and stated:

“To pass legislation requiring universal consent for a nuclear waste repository before proceeding simply means nothing will happen. Consensus is nice, but nuclear waste is a national security issue and the nation needs a path forward on nuclear waste even if consent cannot be reached.”

Sen. Cortez Masto wants to amend the bill before nuclear waste from around the country is dumped in Nye County. Does Blundo even care about the citizens of Nevada?

By Jeanette Smith


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