Nevada Legislator Steve Yeager Supports Government Overreach and Big Pharma

YeagerSteve Yeager is the Democratic incumbent for Assembly District 9. He supposedly represented Nevada’s citizens during his first term in the 2017 bicameral legislative session. Instead, Yeager pursued causes that have a negative impact on the state.

Voted to Support Government Overreach and Big Pharma

Like all Democrats, he believes in big government. Furthermore, his yea vote on AB249 which requires insurance companies to cover 12-month refills of contraceptive drugs supports big pharma! This bill passing opens up the possibilities for Nevada’s legislature to increase funding for abortion rights and agencies such as Planned Parenthood.

Yeager co-sponsored AB374 to requires the Department of Health and Human Services to establish the Nevada Care Plan within Medicaid. This bill would have made it possible for individuals, otherwise not eligible for Medicaid, to purchase coverage. If the governor signed this bill into law it would cost taxpayers “$89,540 for costs associated with establishing and administering the Nevada Care Plan for each of the next 2 fiscal years,” according to Vote Smart’s bill synopsis.

Voted to Increase Property Taxes

Yeager supported SJR14, a bill that will most certainly guarantee a glut of overpriced housing. Essentially, if this becomes law in the 2019 session, affordable housing will cease to be an option in Nevada.

SJR14 is a horrific bill that serves only to put money into the hands of politicians. It is a proposed amendment to Nevada’s Constitution, which, if passed, will increase property taxes upon resale as much as three times by changing how the home is assessed.

Steve Yeager Platform

  • He believes more money equals better education. “Find long-term solutions that increase investments in our schools so we can build more classrooms and retain the best teachers.”
  • He “will fight for equal pay for equal work, increasing the minimum wage, and championing policies to support paid family leave for working families.”

Overall, Steve Yeager is determined to increase homelessness by supporting property tax increases. The bills he co-sponsored would increase insurance costs for Nevadans. Yeager will continue to support big government and big pharma by voting on bills allowing these entities to have increased power in making decisions for what should be personal medical decisions. Additionally, short of increasing the money spent on education, he has no plan to improve Nevada’s schools.

The only people who prosper while Steve Yeager is in office are big government, big pharma, and the state’s politicians.

Written by Cathy Milne-Ware


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