Michelle Mortensen: A Lukewarm Republican With Populist-Leftist Beliefs


Michelle Mortensen’s life paints a picture of contradiction. First and foremost by claiming she is running on a Republican platform but practices a leftist viewpoint. She is running for Nevada’s 3rd congressional district even though she lives in district 4.

Her values are as muddled as her perception of what a respectable Republican looks like. Mortensen calls herself a populist, who does not pull punches.

She believes life begins at conception but supports abortion rights and believes it is a woman’s choice. However, Mortensen contends education will reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies.

Moreover, Mortensen professes to uphold the belief that a marriage is between one man and one woman but supports gay marriage.

This candidate left an 18-year journalism career because, as she says,”I was fed up with the liberal media attacking conservatives and conservative values.” Part of her career she is most proud of is her stint as a consumer reporter.

One of Mortensen’s informational series was about landlord-tenant laws. She helped viewers understand how to protect themselves against their landlords and ensure they receive their full security deposit upon vacating the premises.

Yet, Mortensen and her family have a history of bad tenant-landlord relationships with their own renters.

It began in 2007, when Mortensen’s husband, James C. Marshall, and father-in-law purchased properties in Florida to be used as rentals. While Mortensen was not on the deeds, she did sign them as a witness.

One of the homes was leased as a rent-to-own. They collected a substantial deposit of $5,000 from the tenants. When they decided the payments were too high, Mortensen and her husband quit paying mortgage payments but continued to collect the rent.

In December 2010, the mortgage company filed a foreclosure suit against the property claiming the homeowners were in default and had been since July 1, 2009. Unfortunately, this debacle affected the lives of four innocents.

Juan Rivera, his wife, Rosa and their two children became victim to their landlord’s greed. When the lender notified the tenants of the intended short sale, they inquired about their deposit and were told it would not be refunded. Moreover, prior to being informed of the owner’s intent Rivera paid the rent. When they inquired about a refund, they were denied.

Mortensen was asked if she had ever been part of a lawsuit, she responded she had not. This was false. Even though she was not directly named as a defendant, the court documents for State of Florida case number 08-2009-CA-003294 lists the following defendants:
mortensenVoters should carefully weigh their support for a candidate when:

  • the candidate lies about whether or not they have been a defendant in a legal matter,
  • or the candidate professes to be Republican but calls themselves a populist and shares common viewpoints with the opposition.

Mortensen is not the congressperson Nevada needs. She will not hold true to Republican standards. She is a luke-warm Republican at best and will not place her constituents’ needs and beliefs above her own populist-left-wingish standards.

Opinion by Cathy Milne


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