ISIS Promising to Blow Us to Kingdom Come

ISIS is a radical extremist Muslim group that grew out of Saddam’s old bath party after American troops left the area in 2014. The Obama regime conveniently left millions of dollars worth of military equipment in Iraq when our troops left that quite easily armed the insurgents, even going so far as leaving the keys in the ignition. They quickly captured nearby oil fields, selling it on the black market to rogue nations, like Iran, extremely cheap, and quickly amassing enough funds to enhance their Jihadist views.

Obama a Facilitator

To say, the United States facilitated this action is without question. To say the U.S. did not know what they were doing is also an affront on the truth and the American people’s intelligence. It is absurd to think this is just a matter of incompetence because there is a pattern here.

The Obama administration did not help the Kurd’s in the north when called on to supply conventional weapons. Obama continued to marginalize the ISIS threat by insisting they were the JV team. This allowed ISIS to morph in a spectacular fashion, becoming a threat to Israel and the entire region.

The Pattern Continues

Obama, with the help of the Secretary of State, destabilized Egypt to the point that their government was overthrown by the Muslim Brotherhood; seizing power. The Egyptians came to their senses a year later and voted the Muslim Brotherhood out. Obama’s fingerprints were all over this governmental overturn.

Meanwhile, around the same time the Libyan dictator, Qaddafi was being chased down in the desert, and then assassinated due to Libya’s destabilization by, you guessed it, the Obama regime. This led to the U.S. government running guns to the Syrian rebels fighting Assad, with the help of the American Embassy in Benghazi. The Embassy was attacked by al-Qaeda malcontents who wound up killing Ambassador Stevens, along with three other brave patriotic Americans. This occurred close to the presidential elections in 2012, so the Obama Administration stonewalled the investigation, and to this day no one knows the real truth.

Syria Destabilized

This led to the destabilization of Syria, with Assad killing 230 thousand of his own people, and Syrian refugees flooding the Greek Isles and Italy. Later, they led a trek to countries in Europe, flooding the government institutions. There is a call for help, subsistence, and needed jobs. All this confusion and chaos can be directly laid on the Obama’s table for not answering leadership calls to confront Syrian dictator and Assad’s gassing of his own people. Remember the retreat from the, line in the sand, threat he made against Assad?

The Ugly Head of Terrorism on the Rise

What we have now is infiltration by ISIS terrorists, joining in the refugee flood trying to enter Europe, as well as the U.S. This is leading to our only ally in the region, Israel, slowly being surrounded by its enemies. Terrorist attacks, fueled by Hamas and Hezbollah, in Israel’s population is starting to fester hatred again in the region.

America’s open borders, with Obama’s approval, has allowed ISIS terrorists to enter the U.S. through Mexico. The Islamic militant group has set up, so far, twenty-two terrorist camps, all over the U.S., where they are training their crews to attack Americans. The plan is for the coming Syrian refugees that have been infiltrated by ISIS, to join the training camps on their arrival.

Treasonous Betrayal

This is sedition and betrayal at the highest level of government. The pattern leads right back to the White House. The Obama Administration has not protected the people as he swore to do. He has betrayed the American people at every turn, obfuscated the truth, propagandized the world disorder with lies, and made it so no one trusts the U.S. at this time. ISIS, the JV team, is getting ready to blow the U.S. to kingdom come, sending threats toward New York City, and even the Capital of our nation, Washington D.C. Someone needs to reign in this madman and his friends in ISIS before it is too late for the nation. The Paris attacks were only a forewarning for what is coming next. Stay tuned, the world as we know it, is at stake.

Opinion by Gary Boyd

ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror authored by Michael Weiss & Hassan Hassan
Photo Courtesy of Marc Nozell’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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