Former Clark County Chairman Dave McKeon Plans Return

Former GOP Chairman for Clark County Dave McKeon is planning to take back District 3 in 2018.

His father Buck McKeon, former Congressman and House Armed Services chairman, has obtained the financial support of associates connected to Donald Trump. Despite this, McKeon says all the members of his campaign are volunteers, including his campaign manager Ed Williams.

Williams was the Clark County Republican Party chairman in 2016. He resigned during the county convention because there was an inquiry into his spending habits concerning during the event. Once he stepped down, the investigation was withdrawn.

Although, McKeon says he is not actively seeking endorsements, Assemblyman Chris Edwards has spoken out on his behalf. Last year, Edwards stated he was coerced into voting for the $1.3 billion tax hike introduced by Governor Brian Sandoval. Edwards also wore a wire while meeting with legislatures to prove he was bullied.

According to the single-page, inadequate McKeon for Nevada website, Edwards gave his “strongest possible endorsement” to the candidate because he is the “smartest candidate in the race.” He also stated McKeon has the integrity public servants need. Edwards is not necessarily a reliable source to speak on strength, intelligence or integrity.

McKeon was elected chairman by a mere 43 votes over incumbent Cindy Lake. As the chairman, his vision was to win elections and majorities.

During the 2014 Republican victory celebration, candidates credited the Clark County Republican Party for the election sweep. However, Edwards credited only McKeon.

Predictably, the race between McKeon and Lake became vindictive. Dave Gibbs, a former Republican chairman, was outraged. In fact, he wrote a “Dear Friends” letter, which he placed on each of the 870 chairs at the Clark County Republican Party meeting.

In the letter, Gibbs wrote that the campaigns were pathetic and had stopped being about the GOP. Instead, the focus had become who could be the meanest, sleaziest candidate. He reminded everyone in the room that the race was meant to be about expanding the party.

Once elected, McKeon said, “I’m happy that we had a great turnout. I’m going to start building this party up to start willing elections. This is how the party should be working.”

McKeon recently explained his view on the role of the free market concerning the Affordable Care Act. He told the Nevada Independent, if it was a competitive market people would be able to afford their premiums. On the other hand, opponent Lynda Tache has personally struggled to obtain mental health services for her autistic son, making her a driven candidate for healthcare reform.

On his website, McKeon states that his priorities are to limit government spending, increase the number of jobs that pay well and a skilled workforce, restore competitive healthcare, enforce laws, and defend benefits for veterans. What McKeon does not say, is how he intends to reach these goals.

Most importantly, an assemblyman must be trusted. There is extensive public documentation stating that McKeon, as a business owner, failed to pay the bills. As a family man, the court referred to him as a “perpetrator of violence.” Furthermore, in a lawsuit filed in 2012, the plaintiff claimed their company was supposed to receive the Republican National Committee Voter Vault database from Clark County GOP Chairman McKeon.

This is the man who wants to take District 3 back. Can Clark County trust a man whose visits with his children must be supervised? One only has to notice the company he keeps to see he is not for the people of Nevada.

By J. Smith

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Featured Image Courtesy of Thomas Hawk’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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