Donald Trump Says Guns Not

Donald Trump: Business man, TV Star, and now candidate for the republican presidential race, has once again proven that his skills at grabbing headlines are much better than his skill for thinking before he speaks.

Reacting to the news on Wednesday about the two journalists killed live on air in Virginia, Trump spoke of the tragedy being “…not a gun problem, this is a mental problem”. Appearing on CNN’s “New Day” Trump blamed the lack of mental institutions for this most recent rampage. However, a quick fact check shows that there are over 400 non-federal psychiatric hospitals in the U.S., and this does not include regular hospitals that have specific wards for psychiatric patients (American Hospital Association 2013).

Of course Trump has no ideas or plans on how to address what he claims is the real issue, and is against making changes to current gun legislation. He is in his own words “a very strong Second Amendment person”. This is just the latest in a long line of inflaming remarks meant to drum up sound bites for Donald Trump without him actually having to do anything substantial. But it does bring up the hotly debated (and often censored) issue of gun control in the United States of America. People have very strong opinions on both sides of this issue, making it difficult to sit down and actually do anything about it.

It is so clear to most logical thinking people both in the U.S. and most definitely the rest of the world that giving everyone easy access to guns is not any kind of solution to anything. Why should people carry guns to protect them from other people with guns? Should everyone just shoot each other instead of learning to live together and communicate in a mature, respectful and measured manner? It reads like a bad apocalyptic movie script. The U.S. just keeps on getting worse and sinking lower, with more gun related violence than any other advanced country in the world. How is it that America cannot even go one week anymore without someone opening fire on unsuspecting victims? The reports keep rolling in, emboldening others who are just looking for any justification for their actions. Not to mention the fear mongering that heightens tensions across the board causing people to react first and think last.

Owning a gun should be like owning a car – a privilege, not a right – with all of the education and testing that goes along with it. A popular phrase is that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. But those people walk around with guns when chances are they wouldn’t pass a driving test. A bunch of men in a room decided over a hundred years ago that everyone should be able to carry a gun by right of being an American. But I think if they could peer through time and see what has become of this ‘Right’, they would shake their heads in despair. Does the Second Amendment supersede even those other rules from another book so many Americans live their lives by? I believe the words are ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’. Easier to do when you don’t have a gun in your pocket.

Written by Carolyn Bamford


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